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Cavorit is a digital consultancy,
driven by passionate software makers.

For 10+ years we’ve been creating unique software and data products that push boundaries — and results for our partners.

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We are a digital consultancy, focusing on challenges that require advanced solutions.

Our services entail consulting, design & development for companies of all sizes.

Cavorit is a collective of engineers, designers, data scientists and more, specializing in the development of complex web-based platforms and data products, with highest methodological and statistical standards.

We believe in personal consulting and co-creation, ranging from single workshops or designathons to long-lasting partnerships.

We extend your team's capabilities. We create systems, models and designs for and with you, transferring knowledge along the way.

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    consulting, UX & UI Design, data products, development, maintenance, architecture

A selection of polar graphs and a histogram from Cavorit's probabilistic wind avatars project

We also just released our first standalone product: DataCards ↗ , a new live collaboration platform that offers a better way to extract insights from your data and share them with stakeholders.

Cavorit HQ

Cavorit HQ

Berlin, Kreuzberg

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Cavorit Office

Forst, Lausitz

cavorit 3-Layer Approach©

Not all problems can be solved with software. That's why we're committed to our holistic approach that provides services on all levels of organizational collaboration. We call this our 3-Layer Approach.

  1. Human layer


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  2. Interface layer


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  3. System layer


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  • Harald Fiedler

    Harald Fiedler


    Co-founder of Cavorit with backgrounds in political sciences and mathematics and creator of algorithms for AI-driven psychological statistics (psychometrics).

    Also, Harald holds the pulse of the music together in a Jazz Manouche combo by playing the contrabass.

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  • Prof. Hermann W. Klöckner

    Prof. Hermann W. Klöckner

    Partner · UI/UX

    Hermann is Cavorit’s leader in all UX related matters. He consults on Frontends, Smart Data Strategy and helps to simplify interaction in complex environments.

    Hermann is full Professor at HSA, located in the historical BAUHAUS site and passionate about minimalism – legacy obligates.

    • #ux
    • #data visualisation
    • #design thinking
  • Eveline Mäthner

    Eveline Mäthner

    Partner · Organizational Psychology

    Eveline's background in Business and Organizational Psychology brings the dimension of human behavior in the business context into every project.

    Eveline provides a variety of tools from analysis to intervention and is passionate about bringing genuine cooperation culture to life.

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  1. Train in station

    Deutsche Bahn

    Synthesizing new insights from scattered data

    • #conception
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    • #data culture

    For Deutsche Bahn, we conceived and developed several DataCards ↗ projects that creatively consolidated existing data sources into actionable insights. These insights help improve galley management and maintenance inside the newest ICE4 trains, making them more efficient and less error-prone.

  2. Virtual Jet engine

    Rolls-Royce PLC

    Virtualizing a jet engine

    • #conception
    • #design
    • #development

    In co-creation with Rolls-Royce we developed the Virtual Jet Engine (VJE), a modular digital clone platform for jet engines. It is able to simulate 600 engine parameters in realtime, making complex aviation simulation data understandable to a broad range of stakeholders.

    Fostering communication between experts and stakeholders is key for efficient innovation, driven by data. VJE was able to fasten iteration cycles, thereby boosting return of investment for Rolls-Royce.

Cavorit Datacards

DataCards v1 out now!

We just released our first standalone product called DataCards, consolidating our 10+ years of experience into an innovative and groundbreaking new data collaboration platform.

DataCards is a new way to connect your stakeholders and data experts using interactive dashboards — powered by Python Notebooks. Find out more ↗

Screenshot of a data cockpit built in DataCards showing a blueprint and several data visualizations

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